Ketel One Vodka Tasting – July 2017

Ketel One Vodka Tasting – July 2017

Our thanks go to Ketel One CEO Bill Eldien and Tangram Interiors CEO Joe Lozowski for hosting a fantastic event at Tangram’s beautiful Newport Beach location. Joe eloquently addressed the importance of creating workspaces that motivate employees and embody brands. He offered valuable insights for the real estate executives, architects, designers and others in attendance. Attendees also toured the gorgeous and highly functional facility as an example of an innovative workspace. View event photos here.

In addition to tasting some of the world’s finest vodka courtesy of Bill’s generosity, a very special highlight of the event was a performance by master mentalist and sleight-of-hand artist Kevin Viner. As you’ll see in the photo gallery, everyone was suitably amazed.

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