IEC – A Family of Leaders

IEC – A Family of Leaders

IEC is where you need to be – from politicians to stylists… the International Executive Council has it all! Whether you are looking to share your expertise or in need of some new connections there are endless possibilities within our group that continues to grow in both quantity and quality.

We saw this yesterday afternoon in a room full of new IEC members at our bi-annual installation meeting at our offices in the Irvine Spectrum. They each shared their passions in life and how they could benefit each other. When looking around the room, impressions were made from all the exciting stories being told. The comfortable environment allowed members to reconnect with each other and also introduce new members.  What moved me was our member’s combined stories about their children, travels, charitable contributions and talents (we’ve got a singer, a long-distance driver, magician, golf professional and UFC fighter among them!) – only a fraction of time was spent talking about business. As my good friend and mentor, Jim Doti always says – people like to work with people, not companies. By unmasking the human behind the brand, we are onto some unbelievable magic!

There aren’t two members of the IEC that are the same, but sure do find things in common, FAST! At this event, an accounting professional could bond with a lawyer as well as a professional golfer with a real estate investor. All members bring something unique to the table. This is why we focus on bespoke level events that continue to strengthen the relationships and bonds being built. We also celebrated together over $11,000 in non-profit giving to over 10 charities by our organization in just 8 short months of being established.

I’d love for you to join the IEC and be part of our ever-growing family. If interested, shoot me an email at – and I’ll put you in touch with Liz Mirand our team leader. We have a series of signature events, conferences, trips and life experiences planned through 2020 as together, we flip through the first few chapters of a bucket-list novel that continues to grow in interest and diversity. Hats off to our administrative leaders, Liz Mirand, Brady Lastinger, Britt Armstrong, Shaye McClory and Hall Roosevelt for their invaluable event coordination and assistance.

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