NHRA, AI and a Touch of Networking – IEC at Its Best

NHRA, AI and a Touch of Networking – IEC at Its Best

Dear IEC member and prospect,

Last week at IEC’s latest leadership event, Ashley Force Hood told us “Racing is our family business”. Today, thanks to our founding board member Galen Grillo (vice president AAA – office of the CEO) our IEC family had the opportunity to be part of their racing family.

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The John Force-station in Yorba Linda provided another epic venue for our members to network. The memorabilia and vintage cars added for some cool conversation!


The discussion continued with speaker Hiro Yamaguchi. He explained the importance of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) in all companies. ”Ai is nothing new and we should not be afraid to use it,” said Yamaguchi. Automobile Club is advancing use of Ai in the form of live chat-bots during road-side service as one example.

IEC offers a diverse community. Last night’s magical event showed that there’s always someone new to meet. Such as, Todd Spitzer who is running for Orange County District Attorney. And Honorable Kevin Muldoon, running for Newport Beach City Council and a founding member of IEC. Even Erik Robinson who is the Vice Present digital and head of Club Labs for AAA. We provide our members and prospects with nothing short of the best connections.

At IEC we want all our members to be up to date on the latest trends. Tonight, Neel Grover helped show that social media is the key to digital marketing. As the CEO of Indi.com he focused on expanding your brand. He taught us that it’s about becoming an influencer and building off your personal network.

Here’s a recap of his speech.

We also had the privilege of listening to Ashley Force Hood speak. Her passion for racing transformed her into who she is. She is an inspiration to all women who want nothing but an equal chance to be the best. Ashley’s life in the spotlight taught us to always keep fighting.

At the end of the night we brought attention to non-profits like, UCI Biological Sciences Unit, Project Access, Pretend City Children’s Museum and The Literacy Project. IEC members had the opportunity to appreciate what these non-profits are doing for our community and our group has given over $15,000 in cash support to them.

If you are interested in joining or referring a member to the IEC, just let me know.

Have a nice week ahead!

Thank you,

Sinan Kanatsiz

Founder, IEC

949.443.9300 t

cc: Kevin Maloney, CEO, IEC

Liz Mirand, Team Leader, IEC

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