Top 6 Neighborhoods To Live in Newport Beach, CA

Top 6 Neighborhoods To Live in Newport Beach, CA

The File Group Luxury Real Estate Group, Shak Cinema, and Wise Media is proud to present…

The Top 6 Neighborhoods to live in Newport Beach. This is an introduction to the unique and extraordinary city of Newport Beach.

The File Group luxury real estate group, serving Newport Beach, CA takes a high-class, client-centric, and relationship-based business approach as the secret to their success. Hard work, customer service, and a true expertise in their luxury real estate industry and of their local region of Corona Del Mar, CA are the pillars upon which this group has built their relationships, trust, and success. The File Group continually grows their business based upon experience, knowledge, expertise, and trustworthiness.

Now The File Group is changing the video marketing game in luxury real estate.  In recent years, the internet and social media have forever changed the way businesses market their products and services.  According to recent analytics from, the online video viewing audience grows by over 100% year over year.  Endorsed, and strategically supported by a major Media company in Wise Media, The File Group is expertly utilizing these platforms to stay on the cutting edge with a truly unique story-telling and trust building approach.

This delightfully unique and engaging real estate community commercial breaks through newsfeeds to highlight and showcase the desirable features that make living in Newport Beach, CA so highly coveted and extraordinary. Another detail of this commercial that increases the unique factor; no one who appears in it is a paid actor. These are all local, everyday people and families from the community who came together to help The File Group create this commercial to celebrate the area they love to call home. These are the strength of the relationships The File Group has built its business on. When you help and support your clients to the point that they want to help you back, your real estate business must be doing a lot of things right. The real estate commercial seeks to answer the question ‘Where should I live in Newport Beach, CA?’ It does this by showcasing six of the top Newport Beach neighborhoods to live in. These areas include the Newport Peninsula, Balboa Island, Newport Coast, Corona Del Mar Village, Lido Island, and One Ford Road. Take a look and share this creatively unique and expertly produced commercial by Shak Cinema for The File Group, you’ll be glad you did.

With over $65 million in listings, The File Group has built a powerful luxury portfolio focusing on new construction homes for sale in Orange County, particularly Corona Del Mar, Ca. The File Group is a powerhouse team at Surterre Properties lead by Janelle File, Brandon Goethals and Melody Bahu, known for their incredible work ethic, delivering outstanding customer service to their clients, and their innovative, out-of-the-box approach to video marketing.

Surterre Properties is a top residential real estate brokerage firm with over $2.5 billion in sales in 2016, over 400 real estate agents, 6 offices, and trusting clients in Orange County and all across the world.

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