When Organic Juices Flow; Big Things Happen in Our Community and World!

When Organic Juices Flow; Big Things Happen in Our Community and World!

IEC launches Growth Council peer advisory groups and Nekter CEO discusses the importance of people, pop culture, and customer strategy for continued growth.

On a rain filled Thursday night in January, IEC members gathered together in a room filled with stimulating conversation, energy, talent, living walls, and a vibrant corporate juice bar with every colorful organic ingredient imaginable to launch its most ambitious project to date, “Growth Councils”. The purpose of forming small peer advisory groups among our growing organization is to provide a platform for our members learn, grow, and connect on a deeper level. Trusted peers now have a personal advisory board and safe place to share ideas and discuss individual and business challenges and opportunities facing each of us today.

Video recaphttps://www.dropbox.com/s/lbuqj6lrb8woeou/IEC%20Nekter%20Event%20V2.mp4?dl=0

Photo recaphttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/lmzftq4xzhy03wb/AADSg3i7WI1GGM2jbEwax0Qla?dl=0

IEC members were hosted at Nekter’s awesome headquarters in Orange County. The company now has nearly 100 locations in 13 states and plans add one more per week in 2019; growing faster than any company in their category (big announcement coming this month!). We had the opportunity to meet in a 1/1 interview setting with Steve Schulze, founder and CEO, who discussed company growth opportunities, the importance of good people and culture, business challenges, and key customer impact issues with our members.

Marty O’Connor, 2017 MBA graduate from Chapman University, was also present and received a fully sponsored IEC membership by our generous group. Marty has an inspirational story and leverages a positive, hustle with grit attitude like you never seen, to achieve his goals! He is one of the bravest young men to walk this earth, and may God continue to bless him and his family. More on O’Connor’s amazing journey of perseverance and determination found here: https://news.chapman.edu/2017/11/29/thanks-mom/

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