Socks With a Billion Potentials – A Huge Thank You To Our Guests & Members

Socks With a Billion Potentials – A Huge Thank You To Our Guests & Members

We would like to thank you for joining us Wednesday evening at the IEC / Stance executive gathering.

For this installation, the International Executive Council (IEC) featured two amazing adaptive athletes and highlighted their inspirational journeys and individual achievement at the incredible San Clemente headquarters of leading apparel company, Stance. The room was filled to capacity with standing room only while U.S. Paralympic gold medalist, Megan Blunk, blind USC long-snapper, Jake Olson, and Stance founder, Jeff Kearl, took the stage.

After a difficult childhood and a severe motorcycle accident leaving her paralyzed, Blunk, is now a two-time Paralympian and one of the world’s top athletes in wheelchair basketball supported by many top sponsors. Olson landed a spot with the USC football squad despite losing his eyesight as a child after a decade long bout with Retinoblastoma. Both athletes inspired the room as they shared stories of incredible setbacks and how they overcame these challenges and persevered to achieve their goals. The evening also included presentation of a check for $10,000 from the IEC and FMA toward Olson’s foundation supporting eye cancer research.

Kearl provided an impressive look at Vision, Branding, Marketing, and the strategy behind the building an exceptional culture of people and success at Stance. He outlined the research behind selecting a seemingly mundane category such as men’s hosiery, how a brand connects with consumers, the core values and competencies that form the foundation for the company, and an innovative approach to interviewing team members designed to reach beyond the information on a resume, and building a valuable and sustainable culture.

Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas, wrapped up the evening with look at the visual technologies that are reshaping how we interact, teach, and communicate in schools and the workspace along with a preview of the next IEC event to be held in June at ViewSonic’s Orange County headquarters.

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Thank you for your interest and support of the IEC.

IEC, Co-Founders

Sinan Kanatsiz

Kevin Maloney  

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