IEC’s Tour at Anduril Industries

IEC’s Tour at Anduril Industries

From Sinan Kanatsiz

The IEC checks off another amazing event to close out the year. Our associate Palmer Luckey was our esteemed host for the latest IEC experience, giving us a complete innovation tour of his defense start-up, Anduril Industries.

Located in the heart of Orange County, Anduril’s research and development facility are filled with some of the best OC and Silicon Valley talent. The tour comprised of Palmer sharing his insights behind how he and his team combine AI, Machine learning, and high-level networks within their autonomous drone technology, to be deployed for institutions in the defense industry. He also showcased a brief demo of his sensor tech to illustrate how far their technology has come, and where it will lead to next.

On behalf of Palmer Luckey and the Anduril organization, thank you to our members and guests for attending one of our most special IEC events on record.

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