Vantis Institute Combines Entertainment and Education In National Hair Loss Campaign

Vantis Institute Combines Entertainment and Education In National Hair Loss Campaign

Rapidly expanding Hair Loss Clinic Launches First-Ever Ad Across Social Media.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA., May 13, 2021 — Vantis Institute, LLC. — Vantis Institute, the fast-growing hair loss clinic bringing non-surgical solutions to clients worldwide, announced its first-ever national ad spot. This inaugural ad marks the beginning of an aggressive national marketing campaign developed during the lockdowns related to COVID-19.

“We didn’t furlough staff during the lockdowns and focused on strategy and building systems to support our growth,” said Co-founder & Clinical Director of Vantis Institute, Jessica Oslo. “Our goal is to change the lives of men and women suffering from hair loss. We’re excited to reach a new audience and spread the word about our non-surgical solution to millions of new potential clients.”

The 30-second spot titled ‘Golf Balds’ was filmed at the Newport Beach Country Club golf course with actual Vantis clients and introduces humor to overcome the sometimes awkward discussion of thinning hair. The ad is a first in a series of three longer spots being filmed over the next 60 days and will feature actual clients and celebrity cameos.

“We know that receding hairlines and balding is a difficult subject and our advertising strategy will both entertain and educate clients who were unaware of the Vantis Follicle Replication solution, “adds Anneliese Droetti who co-produced the ad. We’ve experimented with a variety of techniques to communicate our alternative to hair transplant surgery and are excited to expand our reach to a broad new audience.”

The ad is currently available on YouTube.

Vantis Institute in Newport Beach developed an innovative solution for people suffering from hair loss. In the US, hair loss is estimated to effect over 35 million men and over 21 million women. Americans currently spend over $11.1 billion annually on hair loss treatments. Vantis Institute disrupted the industry with the development of a non-surgical hair-loss solution, called Vantis Follicle Replication (VFRTM).


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