Welcome New IEC Member Brittany Burtz, CEO at Universal Tutor Inc

Welcome New IEC Member Brittany Burtz, CEO at Universal Tutor Inc

January 6, 2023

Dear IEC Members & Friends,

Please welcome new IEC member Brittany Burtz, CEO at Universal Tutor Inc, as our next confirmed member of the International Executive Council (IEC). We have included her bio and Linkedin Profile below for your review.’

Brittany is an accomplished entrepreneur, educator, and author with expertise in positive psychology and global sales. She is founding sales leader of an Anti-Aging & Nutraceutical business that has grossed over $3B. The sales team Brittany started and trained has contributed over $800M in revenue to the Company. Brittany is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy certified by The American Board of NLP and Hypnotherapy. She is also a Practitioner of Holistic Nutrition through education at The American College of Health Sciences.

Brittany is driving the future of innovation in Ed-tech as the Co-Founder and CEO of Universal Tutor Inc. Universal Tutor is a game-based education platform for teaching Social and Emotional Learning and providing Mental Health support to K-12 students. The platform addresses pressing issues in education including school safety and emotional development using a gaming and avatar-led environment.

IEC member Brittany Burtz, CEO at Universal Tutor Inc

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/britburtz8/

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