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Members Of The Year


Curt Fleming

CEO / Partner
Merit Andrew

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I'm a seasoned CEO with 18 years of experience creating strategic content for top global brands. From big omni-channel campaigns for TV, digital, social, radio, print and OOH to small one-off projects. Big budgets. Small budgets. We built our company to create anything we can dream up. We specialize in creative ideas and executions that move the needle for our clients.


Tara Bokosky

Financial Advisor
Tax & Financial Group

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Tara was born and raised in Southern California and has been an active member in her community. She attended Chapman University and received her BA in Educational Studies with an emphasis in Disability Studies. She continued her research on inclusion practices in the Brea Unified School District and received her Master’s in Special Education. Tara wanted to make an impact on the special need’s community from a business perspective and went on to earn her Master’s in Business Administration at Chapman University. This led to her passion for finance and combining the two, she fell into financial planning. Now, Tara helps special need’s families navigate the intricacies of financial planning for their loved ones. Tara also guides businesses, families, and individuals with the accumulation and preservation of wealth through comprehensive financial strategies. She utilizes her knowledge and experience in combination with the expertise of a team of specialists available at Tax & Financial Group. Together, they provide innovative solutions and professional direction to help clients work towards their financial goals and objectives.

Shawn Dougherty

Founder, Volonic

Partner - COO
Society Brands

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In today’s fast moving world, the ability to identify a problem, formulate a solution and bring a product to market with explosive growth is what trailblazers are made of. Shawn Dougherty is a trailblazer. With her innovative talent and creativity she co-founded mophie, the #1 selling battery case manufacturer for mobile devices in North America. With Shawn as COO and co-founder, mophie created the first juice pack battery case for the first generation iPhone in North America and built an exclusive partnership with Apple.

Shawn created a solid business structure at mophie, allowing the company to thrive and withstand rapid growth, both in the U.S. and internationally. She is a master negotiator and raised millions of dollars in multiple rounds of capital and debt facilities. Under her guidance and strategic vision, the company grew from 3 employees in a barn in Michigan to a multi-million dollar business with 300+ employees in 5 facilities in California, Michigan, China, Hong Kong and Amsterdam.

A Kalamazoo, Michigan native, Shawn values determination and is respected for her relentless work ethic and open door policy. Always remaining focused, Shawn never shies away from a problem, rather she sees problems as opportunities for growth and elevating a brand.

As a leader, she has established longstanding relationships with national and global retail partnerships and collaborations with top industry icons including Apple, Amazon, Verizon, AT&T, Best Buy, Product Red, Valentino, and Supreme.

Shawn is passionate about developing products. Prior to mophie, she led products development for several notable tech-based companies, including Directed Electronics where she led the outsourcing of the entire audio line to Asia, Orion, ADST and Stryker.

Shawn resides in Newport Beach, California with her wife, and three fury friends.


Sean Conrad

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Internet Marketing Association

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Sean Conrad is an accomplished Senior Executive with 20 years of success in the commercial insurance brokerage industry. Leveraging extensive experience in driving new business and top-line revenue, brand differentiation, and developing strong networks and partnerships, he is a valuable asset for organizations and companies experiencing challenges with growth and profitability. His broad areas of expertise include business development, employee benefits, commercial property/casualty, executive risk, cyber insurance, marketing, collaboration, tactical planning, leadership, and advising.

Throughout his executive career, Sean has held leadership positions with some of the most respected brands in the insurance sector, organizations that include Wells Fargo Insurance, Willis Towers Watson, and Allied Insurance, a Nationwide Company.

Over the last decade, he has helped build a differentiated brand, coached seasoned sales consultants to higher levels of performance, and placed over $250 million dollars worth of commercial insurance premium into the marketplace. He has been recognized as a perennial top performer, earning both Winner’s Circle and Golden Spoke awards for exceptional performance and leadership.


Justin Purpero

Producing Area Manager

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Justin Purpero is an entrepreneur, thought-leader, speaker, and nationally renowned top-50 mortgage loan officer. Leveraging decades of lending experience, he has personally closed over $1 billion dollars in home mortgages and helped thousands of Americans achieve their dream of owning a home. In early 2018, Justin founded LoanPro, a mortgage company focused on delivering excellent customer service while providing access to the most competitive rates. He is actively engaged in social media and channeling his deep passion and industry experience to teach clients and prospects how to go from dreaming about an abundant life, to living one now.


Joseph Stapleton

Spinnaker Investment Group

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As President and Co-Founder of Spinnaker Investment Group, Joseph Stapleton oversees the firm’s client relationships while advising businesses and individuals on customized wealth and investment management, life insurance, group benefits and executive compensation solutions. His top priority is assisting clients to achieve what is most important to them by bringing their goals and desires in line with their financial resources. He currently serves on the City of Newport Beach’s Finance Committee, is a past city Harbor Commissioner, and is active on the board of directors of more than a dozen community and civic organizations including The Pacific Arts Foundation, Leadership Tomorrow, The Elite OC, the Newport Beach Foundation, and the Corona Del Mar Residents Association. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona.